Free test accounts

If you want to give Seatsurfing a try, we’ve created an easy way for you: You can now create test accounts directly on our website. In just a few seconds, your organisation will be set up. You can then test Seatsurfing with up to ten users for free. Visit the signup page to create your account.

Seatsurfing 1.5 enables self-hosted Docker instances

We’re happy to announce the availability of Seatsurfing 1.5. The new version marks a big change in Seatsurfing’s operating model: Seatsurfing’s Backend is now available on Docker Hub and thus allows you to host your Seatsurfing instance on-premises and free of charge. At the same time we’ve removed the Cloud hosting option (for now). We decided to go this way as we think it’s easier for most European organisation to… Read More »Seatsurfing 1.5 enables self-hosted Docker instances

Daily basis booking and bookers’ names in Seatsurfing 1.2

Today we’ve released version 1.2.0 of the Seatsurfing App. This new version includes two new requested features we’re happy to depict here. The first feature is daily basis booking. We want to make it easier for the employees of some organisations to book their seats. If you want to keep seat booking really easy, you can activate the daily basis booking functionality in the administration interface. When activated, users using… Read More »Daily basis booking and bookers’ names in Seatsurfing 1.2